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Foaming agent & CLC Plant

Foaming Agent

FC - LITETM Protein based foaming agent is designed for making the light weight concrete blocks and foamed concrete. It helps to make light weight concrete of very high quality.

It is a specially formulated product based on high performing surfactants, protein and solvents to give high quality concrete casts. It is developed for operation with special equipment called foam generator.


Benefits of Hardener:

  • High initial strength,
  • Reduced final set time,
  • Reduced bleeding,
  • Improved workability,
  • Fast form work turnaround,
  • Greater cost effectiveness,
  • Beneficial when used with fly ash ***
  • Investigations have shown that a 1 Kg. addition of hardener to 50 Kgs of cement reduces the setting time of the CLC blocks.
  • Regardless of the temperature or cement type, CLC blocks containing the hardener will always have a faster cure rate than plain CLC blocks.
  • The beneficial effects of the hardener will be more at lower temperatures.
  • The accelerated cure rate measured as final block set time can be reduced by two-thirds when 1 Kg. of hardener is added to 50 Kgs. of cement. *** Dosage: 1 Kg. of hardener for every bag of 50 Kgs. cement.
  • CLC Plant

    We offer different sizes of CLC Plant as per client’s requirements.
    We offer plants from 0.6 Cubic to any size with below mentioned mode of operations:

    1. Manual: Material is weighed and fed manually into the Mixer.
    2. Semi-Automatic: Load cell is used to weigh the material and material is fed by screw or belt conveyors
    3. Fully-Automatic: Load cell is used to weigh the material and material is fed by screw or belt conveyors, the finished slurry is transported on tracks and cutting of blocks is done by Wire cutting machine.
    4. Steam curing method is also provides by us for fast curing of blocks. The blocks can be used after 24 hours of manufacture whereas in water curing the curing has to be done for minimum 21 days.


    Peristaltic pumps

    The Peristaltic pumps used for pumping CLC/Foamed concrete to greater heights are seal less pumps hence no maintenance problems occur due to seal failure which is a common occurrence in screw pumps and piston pumps. They can be used for IN-Situ casting of CLC panels, Void fillings, Terrace filings upto 15-20 Mtrs. height etc.

    Peristaltic Pumps


    • We provide complete technical support for installation and commissioning of the CLC plant & Foamed concrete machines.
    • We undertake alteration / customisation of installed CLC plants & Foamed concrete machines.
    • We undertake maintenance and repair jobs of CLC plant & Foamed concrete machines.
    • We provide technical know how for manufacturing CLC blocks & Foamed concrete.


    Foamed Concrete

    We manufacture mobile Foamed concrete machines which can be moved from site to site easily. We provide full technical support for the same.
    Advantages of Foamed Concrete

    1. Easy to manufacture on site.
    2. Light weight thus reduces the dead weight of the structure.
    3. It has Water proofing properties so does not damage surrounding walls.
    4. It is self-levelling and compacting if not required
    5. Manufacturing process does not emit any toxic fumes.
    6. Cheaper than Brick bat coba.
    7. Can be pumped to higher floors.
    8. No cracks are formed due to temperature variation.
    9. Cost of 1 M2 of 4” thickness is around 400 Rupees only.
    10. Can be used for void filling